Brand New Neurovirtual BWII-EGG Electroencephalograph

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Complete & Automatic Report Generator

The BWII EEG report generator works with MS Word templates, so now it is easy to generate Report Templates and Final Reports as you were writting a letter. Fast, safe and accurate, the NeuroVirtual Pre-Templates cover a lot of different parameters in a professional and easy way.

Portable or Stationary

In order to make your practice easier, the BWII has been designed to weigh 8 pounds and fit into a small briefcase. This allows it to be used as a stationary unit or a portable unit, so that you can use one device in several locations. It can be connected to any laptop or desktop computer to better suit your needs.

Digital Analysis

For easier analysis of an EEG the BWII is equipped with FFT to generate histograms, spectrum analysis, and frequency maps. This feature is easy to use and will help you save time when reading an EEG.

Easy to Use

The BWII is the most intuitive EEG device in the market. Everything from setting up to the performing an exam, to reading the exam is easy to do. Some of the features the BWII offers are:

    All necessary menus to record an EEG can be found on the screen.
    Montages, filters, sensitivity, and speed of the page can be adjusted during recording or reading.
    Events can be added druing recording or reading.
    Patient's data can be updated during recording or reading.
    One exam is one file for ease of transferring, copying, and e-mailing (HIPPA Compliant).


    Optical Stimulator


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Brand New Neurovirtual BWII-EGG Electroencephalograph

Brand New Neurovirtual BWII-EGG Electroencephalograph